cps-weaverAngelberta Mbatha, one of our CPS weavers produced her vision of “The Way”. African people, as we know, love to be on the way. On the way they get to know each other. On the way they hear the news. So we must not be surprised if “The Way” is also a favourite theme for our weavers.

Today Angelberta Mbatha shows us “The Way To God” as she learnt if from the Bible.  Below, on the left, she shows the first people. We see the great figures of Abraham, Moses and David, as well as David’s Father Jesse, who announced the Saviour.

Below on the right we see the bridge of the New Testament which is leading on to the heavenly Jerusalem. Jesus brings the Good News and invites people to follow him. On the left side he points to the CROSS.

But is a cross of HOPE as the anchor in the middle shows and as the Risen Lord above proves.

So our way is not only a way of FAITH but also of HOPE which ends in LOVE.

– Sr Margaret von Ohr CPS


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