I would like to share a few with you:-

Autum LeaveAutumn Leave

  • Mission is life.
  • At the end a little green is left, that is part of life’s’ cycle.
  • I am in the autumn of our congregation, what falls to the ground nourishes the renewal the congregation


Grape leavesGrape leaves

  • Christ is our Origin.
  • He is the vine we are the Branches.



Screen shot 2013-02-04 at 2.24.43 PMReligious ring

  • My religious ring symbolises fidelity, truthfulness and self-surrender
  • This simple silver ring connects me with my vows: to be to be truthfully loyal and love God.


Our crossOur cross

  • The most beautiful charism, it brings the whole church in to the heart of Jesus.
  • Expressed daily in the Holy mass for the whole world.
  • Totally pouring our life on the cross calls for tremendous generosity, not counting the cost, not being sad, put all in the drop of blood, and Jesus   makes it right with the world.


Our crossCandle

The candle is useful only when it burns. If it does not burn it is only a decoration. It needs to burn to give warmth and light. In doing so it burns down slowly but continues to shine, to be a light in the congregation.

Unity and DiverisityUnity in diversity

Expressed in life lived with many fellow sisters, each different from many parts of the world.

Living radical tensions Germans, Africians, Koreans, Americians,Canadians.

We are all one in Christ loving ly = Chrrism

Smooth StoneSmooth stone

  • Someone works on it to make it smooth. I need to work on the self in order to be smooth.
  • The lord is the one who make us smooth.
  • I need to offer the Precious Blood daily for the world that it become smooth as the Lord wants, I too must submit that He may smooth me.


Chalice filled with BloodThe Chalice filled with Blood

  • The cup of salvation that we should witness to.
  • It is poured out for all people for the forgiveness of sin.
  • Cup of sorrow, salvation and Joy but always sthe cup of love.
  • Happy to be a sister of the Precious Blood.


Gift of GodGift of God

I am a gift of God

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