Little Flower School – Ixopo

Little Flower School – Ixopo

In 1923 the Missionary Sisters of the Precious Blood responded to the needs of the coloured community in the Ixopo area by trying to offer education to its children. An iron shanty was erected which housed eight pupils at “La Trappe”. It was founded by the Trappists, the pioneers of the Mariannhill Missions, and run by the Mariannhill Sisters of the Precious Blood. Sr Bona Kutzmann was its first Principal.

The school was a private mission school at first. The many applications made it necessary to enlarge the school in 1929. Sr Annuncia Hunetemann became the Principal with Sr Stefani Tiefenbacher as her efficient secretary. The school became state-aided and received its present name “Little Flower School” in honour of St Theresa of Lisieux, Patroness of the Missions, who also inspired the motto, “Sola Nobilitas Virtus”, that is, “Virtue alone is true nobility”. The school tried to put this motto into practice by promoting well-balanced Christian personalities, fostering mutual respect, love, trust and understanding towards people, while also serving the needs of others. The staff dedicated itself to the educational ministry based on that of Christ.

The Apartheid laws limited the education of Little Flower School to coloured children. When Sr Margaret von Ohr, then Principal, retired, a layman Mr Ian Toohey took over the leadership of the school. In April 2994 after the scrapping of the Apartheid laws the school opened to children of all races. A uniform non-racial educational system was introduced and Little Flower School became a “mixed” school. Presently, Mr John Vezasie, a past learner and very capable teacher of the school, is the Principal. He together with 37 educators tries to be faithful to the Vision and Mission Statement of Little Flower School: “The Vision of offering quality Christian education to the learners – the Mission of bringing this about with the cooperation of the family of learners, the Church and the local community who together endeavour to maintain the Ethos and Christian character of the school.”

The number of pupils has risen to 1457 of which 833 are in the Primary School. The classes in the High School have approximately 33 to 39 learners while those of the Primary School about 42. Since 2009 it is also a no-fee paying school.

The Missionary Sisters of the Precious Blood, on whose private grounds the now public Little Flower School stands, continue to support the school through their prayer and interest. They help to keep the Ethos of the school through attending annual meetings with the management and staff as well as their continued presence on the Governing Body.

The school can be reached under +27 39 341119