Unity Day 2013The tradition of the Unity Day at St Benedict School continues!

Learners and staff took a “chunk out of their day” to foster understanding and good relationships among and with each other, thus making the CPS motto, “Unity is Strength!” come alive.

On that specific day High School learners engaged with the younger ones through playful fun, while staff members of the different phases met to explore SBS related themes. It was all about deepening the bonds among all SBS family members and thus advancing the dream of acceptance of and tolerance towards all within the school.

The theme: “Be the salt of the earth and a light to the world” (cf. Mt 5:13–16) invited everyone to acknowledge each person’s unique individuality as a way to enrich others but also to share one’s own God-given talents for the good of others.

The spiritedness was high! Yes, the Unity Day was a true celebration of the Spirit that binds all together.

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