Mission helpers are young people from different countries who voluntarily prepare themselves through organisations like:

  • Missionaries On Time (English for MaZ, Missionare auf Zeit)
  • Volunteer Service Abroad (FDA, offered through the  Diocese of Osnabruck)
  • CPS programs overseas (for example, the Austrian Province preparing young men who wish to do a social service year rather than military training).

These young people give of their talents and time, offering service to the local people and seeking to deepen their own faith, while enriching those they serve and those with whom they live.

The voluntary program is built on three pillars.

  • Growth through service to others
  • Personal growth
  • Spiritual growth.

They carry the spirit of the Missionary Sisters of the Precious Blood into the work place, endeavouring to bring joy, harmony and healing with them as they go about their daily tasks, all the while trying to live the gospel values.

Wherever they are, they are invited to join us in prayer. In Ixopo they also join us in community.

We are grateful for their input as they generously assist us in schools, outreach programs organized to assist the poor and in delivering services to the local community.

Mission Helpers at the orientation week end 2012

MaZ Spiritaners: maz@spiritaner.de

Volunteer Services Abroad: FDA@bistum-0s.de