The National religious education conference was opened by Bishop Sithembele Anton Siphuka, from Umtata.
The input sessions were given by experts from Australia, Ireland, USA, und South Africa. The theme was: “From Roots to Wings”

Missionary Sisters of the Precious Blood who attended are shown in the photo below:-


Sr.Deodora Mtagona, Sr Marie Stella Choi Sr Rosa Sello and Sr Jerome Ngcobo

The aim of the conference was to help the learners to become rooted in Christ and to grow wings so that they may become instruments of Justice and peace in our world.

The theme: “Roots and Wings” expresses a desire to enable our learners attending school, to be rooted and grounded in Christ and to equip them to fly and to become instruments of justice and peace in our troubled world

Sound religious education must nurture both.

The roots are the inner values on which the learners can model their lives. These will make them secure and strong in their faith.

The wings should give the learners a sense of freedom and an independence to live out their lives with a christian centered responsibility.

We were also encouraged to promote bible meditations in our lessons, so that learners could experience God in their lives, and that they may build their lives on the living experience of Christ and the bible message, which expresses itself in a practical caring way for all people of the world, and the environment.

Lastly we were encouraged to make use of social media in teaching and learning religious education in our schools, as our world is completely inter-connected and interactive. The purpose of the use of social media in teaching and learning is to link faith and life.
Pope Francis expressed his belief by saying that there is an important role to be played by the correct use of social media in evangelisation

We learnt songs which helped us to integrate the content of the conference: One of the songs touched me very deeply.

“If I had two wishes
And two were all I had
and they could just be granted by my mom and dad;
I wouldn’t ask for money
or for any stored-bought things.
The greatest gift I would have asked
for are simply ‘Roots and Wings.’”

The conference ended with a beautiful Eucharistic celebration concelebrated lead by Bishop Sandi from Witbank, and two fellow bishops.



The above text is from Sr.Deodora Mtagona

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