Unity Day

Unity Day 2013The tradition of the Unity Day at St Benedict School continues!

Learners and staff took a “chunk out of their day” to foster understanding and good relationships among and with each other, thus making the CPS motto, “Unity is Strength!” come alive. Continue reading

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CPS Weaver

cps-weaverAngelberta Mbatha, one of our CPS weavers produced her vision of “The Way”. African people, as we know, love to be on the way. On the way they get to know each other. On the way they hear the news. So we must not be surprised if “The Way” is also a favourite theme for our weavers. Continue reading

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In a recent sharing, sisters were asked to share symbol of their religious life.

I would like to share a few with you:-

Autum LeaveAutumn Leave

  • Mission is life.
  • At the end a little green is left, that is part of life’s’ cycle.
  • I am in the autumn of our congregation, what falls to the ground nourishes the renewal the congregation


Grape leavesGrape leaves

  • Christ is our Origin.
  • He is the vine we are the Branches.



Screen shot 2013-02-04 at 2.24.43 PMReligious ring

  • My religious ring symbolises fidelity, truthfulness and self-surrender
  • This simple silver ring connects me with my vows: to be to be truthfully loyal and love God.

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