As a group of women called to serve our Lord in this world, forever responding to the signs of the time, we have been guided by the challenging and demanding words of our founders, Abbot Francis Pfanner and Mother Paula Emunds.

As such we CPS embrace:

A Sacramental Consciousness

It is about discovering God and fostering an awareness of His presence in ourselves, our neighbours and everywhere through sacred scripture, unique liturgical and spiritual traditions as well as encounters with others and nature.

As CPS, we live up to this challenge through

–       engaging in Lectio Divina (reading and reflecting on scriptures)
–       participating actively in the liturgy of the Church
–       living the Benedictine tradition of ‘Ora et Labora’
–       role modeling responsible preservation of our environment

A Positive View of Humanity

It is about guarding the dignity of each person and forming people who – based on the values of Jesus – will live counter-culturally for the sake of the common good through active involvement in issues of social justice.

As CPS, we try to live up to this challenge through

–       empowering people through educational programs
–       creating formative experiences
–       offering health services
–       reaching out through healing ministry
–       being involved in social justice issues
–       creating safe spaces through hospitable outreach

A Communal Reality of Human Experience

It is about recognizing that identity can only be formed in right relationship with others through openness and respect while welcoming persons from all cultures, races and religions with the aim to work together, especially with those lacking in resources.

As CPS, we live up to this challenge through

–       living in multicultural communities
–       working with people of all races and cultures
–       learning about other cultures and religions and respecting them
–       being people of reconciliation
–       supporting programs for the upliftment of those in need
–       involving ourselves in ecumenical and inter-religious dialogue

But all along as CPS we have been asked to live our

Unique CPS Ethos / Spirit

“Written not with ink but with the spirit of our charism; not on tablets of stone but on tablets of human hearts!” (cf2 Cor 2:1-3)

The ‘Inner Spirit’ written by the sisters’ co-foundress Mother Paula speaks a language that seems foreign to people of today. Yet, it is the spirit of the CPS charism that everyone who is part of the CPS international network is invited to listen to the words written on the tablets of human hearts.

“Our first principle God is my father and I am His Child will, as a motif of humble faith and child-like surrender, guide the relationship of the soul with the heavenly father, thus drawing down God’s blessing on ourselves and our work. The proverb Unity is Strength, which has been chosen as the guide for our common life and apostolate, will promote and strengthen the inner unity which is anchored in God.”(cf. IS, Intro)












Devotion to the Precious Blood

In our world of today people experience many forms of hurt. Murder, rape, warfare, rejection, human trafficking… many of our human interactions are characterized by destruction. Other people die prematurely as a result of cancer, HIV/AIDS or other illnesses.

What has the Precious Blood to offer to this world?

It invites us to trust in healing, reconciliation, redemption, liberation and growth and thus it increases our hope in life. Only in that way can we live our daily deaths and work towards our daily resurrections, stand by those who suffer and offer healing to a broken world.

Union with the Divine Heart of Jesus

Our societies are torn apart by lack of love, broken marriages, homes and families, loss of loved ones, irresponsibilities, coldness, greed, consumerism, indifference, bystander syndrome, hate, and rejection.

What does the Divine Heart of Jesus invite us to do?

It invites us to respond with love and self-giving, to extend forgiveness, warmth, and acceptance, to offer a sense of caring and belonging as well as a space where people feel safe and secure, protected and nourished. In living Christ-like lives we open our hearts to see with His eyes and to give generously of ourselves.

Mary, Model of faith

In our hurting world selfishness, instant gratification and individualism have led to a breakdown of the moral fiber of our society. The rejection of God and lack of faith results in a choice against life as seen in the increasing number of abortions and the abandonment of children, the sick or the helpless. Communities are being destroyed because of destructive criticism, distrust, cruelty, and signs of disrespect that have their roots in disobedience.

What does Mary role model through her life?

Mary has shown through her union with God in faith and trust her ability to embrace the Word. Daring an unconditional “yes” to God’s plan – like Mary did – can be life-giving to the broken world. In this “yes” rests the seed of compassionate love and gentle respect for life.

Out of the above principles flow the

Virtues & Right Attitudes

What do these virtues encourage us to do today?

Surrender to God’s guidance

–       accept tasks and assignments with a generous heart
–       embrace the Ethos on which the institution has been founded
–       disclose issues at the right place
–       embrace His design for your being in the world

Incessant Worship

–       balance prayer, work and leisure in a way that makes for good self-care
–       have good intentions in whatever you attempt to do
–       work towards the common good of your institution and the people entrusted to you
–       allow God to work through you
–       give what you have received in the Spirit

Faithfulness in Little Things

–       develop a positive outlook on life and your tasks
–       use things with care
–       be committed to the small print
–       work on good ‘manners and conduct’
–       compliment each other regularly

Generosity in Making Sacrifices

–       be prepared to go the extra mile – “If nobody goes, I will go”
–       give freely of your talents and your time
–       stand in the gap and listen actively for possible resolution
–       stand with those who are in need of help and/or support

‘Redeeming love’ demands of us a new way of being in the word and for the world. It is about setting free, unchaining, transforming … giving a future to everyone. This is our name, this is our mandate.