Untitled1The pilgrimage was very exceptional. We were warmly welcomed by the chairlady of Emaus Parish with the words “You are free to do whatever you wish in this place,” We had come to pray, the welcome made us feel good.

The day was bright and sunny, reflecting the Joy we felt in our hearts. After the greetings.

Untitled2Before the program began we shared tea, a time to meet with Sisters and Fathers from the far spread mission stations, and the local community of Emaus,

After tea we collected to pray the Stations of the Cross together, stopping at each of the stations to meditate on the suffering and love of Christ for His world.

Untitled3By the time we had completed praying we were standing on the top of the hill overlooking the rolling hills of Natal. The width and distance reminded us of the wildness and variety of God,s creation.

Untitled4Holy Mass was truly beautiful and alive! The singing was led by the young men who are studying for the priesthood at the college in Cedara. They were full of life and energy and put their heart and soul into the celebration.

Untitled5“What touched me most deeply was:- after the beautiful Mass we were encouraged to spend some time in the room where our Founder Abbot Francis Pfanner lived, prayed and died. We were asked to bring all our intentions to before Him.” Sr M. Deodora CPS

There were so many of us, and the room was small yet it seem to accommodate us all.

We thank God for a beautiful day!

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